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Why does this blog exist? Simple - because my miniature pinscher is my baby. Because she gets cold in the winter and on rainy days and needs cozy sweaters to keep her warm. And because finding doggie sweater patterns that will fit a min pin correctly is nearly impossible.

What I can't find elsewhere, I make for myself. Since I have to create my own patterns anyway, I'm glad to let other min pin mamas (and daddies) :-) reap the benefits. I'll make the patterns and post them on here so you can download them. All I ask is that you keep them for personal use. Please don't 1) sell my patterns, 2) repost them and claim them as your own, 3) use them for commercial purposes.

Thank you and enjoy!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Min Pin fit adjustments on standard sweater patterns

At first glance, a min pin looks like he should be easy to fit for a sweater. After all, how hard can it be? But beware! Min pins have body features that make them a tricky fit and require adjustment on standard patterns.

1. Barrel-chested
Despite his trim body, your min pin has a disproportionately big chest for his little waist. You'll be tempted to choose the small size for his sweater. Look again. Your min pin's chest measurement is about 15"-18" around. For most patterns, this is a medium size sweater. If you're not sure, get out your tape and measure him. He'll think you're weird, but that's okay.

2. Short, thick neck
Your min pin's neck is almost as big around as her head. Her neck is also short, compared to other dogs. This means that turtleneck sweater patterns usually slip up over her cheeks and end up over her eyes. She will be uncomfortable and what's more, her visibility will be affected, putting her in danger. You'll have to shorten the neck length on turtleneck patterns to take into account her short stature.

3. Skinny legs
I don't even have to tell you that your min pin has skinny legs. It's pretty obvious. Unfortunately, most sweater patterns are designed to be comfortable for a variety of dogs, and many dogs have a lot of hair that needs extra space. This means your little friend is going to get wind up his shorts unless you tighten up the leg holes. Fit his leg holes to be big enough for his leg plus your pinky finger to be sure that his sleeves don't pinch.

4. Stubby body
Again, it's a proportion thing - for a chest as big around as hers is, she should have a longer body. Medium size sweaters will fit her chest measurement, but they'll be dangling over her little butt unless you shorten the sweater length. It's more than just stopping a few rows short, though. Most sweaters have a portion that covers doggie's chest but stops about halfway down her belly. This is so she doesn't urinate on the sweater when you take her out for a potty break. To make a medium sweater the right length for her, you'll need to shorten both the belly portion and the back portion. Every pattern is a little bit different.

Adjusting your pattern to fit your min pin takes a little fiddling, but it's not impossible. Just remember - measure your little four-legged model, make the changes described here and she'll be strutting her cozy stuff in no time.

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